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The Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals envisions a community of aquatic service providers, industry professionals, and association stakeholders that come together to support each other, share information, and serve as an influential body that shapes and strengthens the aquatic industry in Alberta.  


The Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals seeks to reduce drownings and aquatic injuries by creating an inclusive network of collaborative industry professionals that shares resources, makes connections, hosts provincial meetings, and provides free online forums. 


The Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP) is a registered non-profit organization that strives to remain neutral and impartial. We do not sell products, courses, or services and we do not seek funding through the Province of Alberta. Funding for AAAP operations is generously provided through the support of vendors, organizations, and municipalities that share our vision for the aquatic industry. 

Values ​​

  • We believe that the best ideas come from many voices and perspectives. 

  • We believe in the power of people working together to make things better. 

  • We believe in collaborative, solutions-focused approaches.

  • We believe in well-researched and thoughtful policy design. 

  • We believe our industry should be safe and fun for everyone.

Within the Province of Alberta, we aim to: 

  • Promote injury and drowning prevention and education programs through access to information, resources, and sharing of best practices.  

  • Foster diversity and inclusion to ensure new ideas, voices, experiences, and practices are welcomed into the aquatic industry in Alberta.  

  • Facilitate collaboration between aquatic service providers, industry professionals, and association stakeholders to generate safe aquatic experiences for Albertans in, on, and around the water.  

  • Promote consistency in aquatic practices in all Alberta municipal, community and private club swimming pools, swimming programs, hotels and motels with pools and hot tubs, lifeguarded beach fronts, water parks, summer camps with pools and water fronts, and other aquatic service providers.  

  • Host meetings and events, at no charge, to reduce barriers for industry professionals to gather together (in person or virtually) and build a network of associates.  

  • Develop opportunities and resources for idea generation, collaboration, and networking to better connect aquatic professionals and stakeholders from all spectrums of the aquatic industry.  

  • Connect new industry professionals to an experienced network of mentors and resources. 

  • Encourage innovation and opportunities for improvement in order to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming and other water-related activities for all Albertans. 

  • Respond to requests from the provincial government to share information with aquatic service providers. 

  • Collect quantitative data and report on current industry trends and practices when requested by provincial partners or industry stakeholders. Please note that the AAAP respects confidentiality and privacy, and does not provide any site member names or personal details without the express permission of the individual in question. 

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Meet the dedicated team behind the Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals! Click here to learn more about how we're working tirelessly to strengthen the aquatic industry in Alberta.

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