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Swimming Trainer with Students


At the AAAP, we bring together a diverse community of aquatic professionals across Alberta. Our members include municipal recreation centres, private pools, hotels and resorts with pools, and open water recreation providers. Our community page highlights our members' work and offers resources to support their success. Whether you're a pool owner or operator, a recreation centre manager, or an open water professional, we invite you to join us and make a difference in aquatic recreation.


Municipal Pools & Recreation Centres

Community swimming opportunities are provided by a variety of municipalities across Alberta, but they may look very different from community to community. Municipal pools may be found in stand-alone facilities, as part of a larger multiplex facility, or seasonally at an outdoor pool. The AAAP originated in the municipal sector, but quickly expanded to include other aquatic service providers. 

Spa Pool

Hotels & Resorts with Pools

Kids love a holiday with with a pool! Hotels, motels, and resorts all know this and there are many such pools scattered across Alberta. The AAAP wants to support the hospitality industry as we all work together to keep Albertans safe in, on, and around the water.

Indoor Water Park

Private Pools & Waterparks

Private swimming pools, aquatic centers, and water parks offer fun, exciting amenities to customers on an annual or seasonal basis. Making connections can be difficult in private industry and the AAAP is here to help with that! We are exctied to see the opportunities for collaboration and idea generating when private and municipal services work together.

Kayaking on a Lake

Camps, Lakefronts & Open Water

Alberta may be landlocked, but we have several beautiful lakes and beach fronts, perfect for enjoying a swim on a hot summer day. The AAAP welcomes lakefront and open water service providers to share their knowledge and join the larger Alberta aquatic community.

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