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AAAP does not require facilities to hold memberships to attend a AAAP event or utilization of our resources or services.


To help move the organization’s goals forward, operate strategically and maintain a sustainable future, four committees have been formed to support the organization and it’s Board of Directors.  Each committee is chaired by a board member.
Each of our committees has diverse members from throughout the province.  If you’re interested in joining a committee, please email
This group focuses on AAAP’s industry presence by ensuring AAAP has quality and effective communication with the industry and it’s professionals.  This will include key items like management of AAAP’s website, social media, external information pieces and AAAP’s presence in the industry.

This internally-focused group is instrumental in guiding AAAP through it’s continued growth and development as an organization.  The committee will focus on managing growth, succession planning and recruitment.

Industry Relations
This committee serves AAAP by focusing on industry connections.  This includes liaising with key stakeholders like vendors, agencies and government as well as developing industry partnerships.

Resource Development & Management 
To serve one of the primary goals of AAAP, this committee is more project-focused; analyzing industry trends, developing resource documents and establishing connections with experts who can provide guidance on a wide variety of topics.  This is where there is strong potential for a number of sub-committees that could pull in industry professionals to help move these items forward.


In the short time that AAAP has existed, the organization:
  • Ignited the conversation on the professional development landscape for the aquatic industry in Alberta. 
  • Ensured the provincial government and it’s agencies more carefully consider it’s approach to stakeholder engagement and feedback, particularly where aquatic professionals working in the industry should have their opinions voiced.  The recent amendment to the 2014 Alberta Pool Standards document is a clear example of where our advocacy and influence has produced positive results for the industry.
  • Initiated a very successful province-wide educational campaign on showering and healthy pools
  • Provided feedback to training agencies and vendors on products, services and programs based on discussions and feedback from aquatic professionals and facilities
  • Worked with industry partners like AARFP and ARPA to conduct industry surveys 
  • Has presented at key professional development conferences including AARFP, Red Cross Water Safety Conference, and ARPA.
  • Building on a pre-existing base of northern aquatic managers, AAAP has amassed over 500 social media connections on Facebook, connecting industry professionals in a meaningful way.  New members are being added weekly, many connecting with other professionals, asking questions, and participating in industry dialogue at many levels and across many topics 
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