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  • What is the Alberta Association of Aquatic Professionals (AAAP)?
    The AAAP is a registered non-profit organization that aims to reduce drownings and aquatic injuries in Alberta by creating an inclusive network of industry professionals who share resources, make connections, host provincial meetings, and provide free online forums.
  • Who can join the AAAP?
    Membership is open to aquatic service providers, industry professionals, and association stakeholders within Alberta who are interested in improving the aquatic industry and promoting water safety. Whether you find yourself working in the public or private sector, at a municipal recreation centre or waterfront, we'd love to add your voice to the growing number of aquatic professionals in Alberta.
  • What are the benefits of becoming an AAAP member?
    As an AAAP member, you will have access to a network of industry professionals, resources, educational materials, and the opportunity to attend meetings and events that promote collaboration, best practices, and the advancement of the aquatic industry in Alberta. Join our page and subscribe to our eNewsletter today to get access to a variety of useful resources today.
  • How can I become a member of the AAAP?
    Membership in the AAAP is absolutely free! Anyone can participate in AAAP events and use our resources. You can join the AAAP by completing our online membership application form available on our website.
  • Are there any membership fees?
    No, there are no membership fees for joining the AAAP.
  • How is the AAAP funded?
    The AAAP is funded through the support of vendors, organizations, and municipalities that share our vision for the aquatic industry. We do not sell products, courses, or services, and we do not seek funding through the Province of Alberta.
  • How can I get involved with the AAAP?
    You can get involved with the AAAP by attending our meetings and events, participating in our online forums, connecting with other members, and volunteering for various AAAP initiatives.
  • Can I contribute to the AAAP's eNewsletter or suggest a topic for discussion?
    Yes, we welcome member submissions and suggestions for our eNewsletter and online forum. Please contact us with your ideas, and we'll be happy to consider them. You can contact us at or by selecting the submission links in the eNewsletter itself.
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