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AAAP is a volunteer-based organization as this point in time.  While individuals are mostly relied upon for their experience, particular expertise, and their passion, there is a small commitment of their own time each month and usually some resources from their employer. 

Generally, the AAAP board meets every 6 weeks by phone/video conference.  There are rare circumstances that require more frequent meetings (i.e. ahead of presentations).  As internal committees are developed, some additional time will be spent completing their specific work and reporting back to the Board. 

Currently, those volunteering with AAAP generally have strong support from their employer in terms of allocating time towards AAAP initiatives and meetings as well as coverage of travel expenses for the occasions where in-person meetings are required.  Typically, each employer values the opportunity to play an active role in the betterment of the aquatic industry which directly and positively impacts their own interests.  The following organizations have committed funding support for the AAAP:  City of Red Deer, City of Medicine Hat, Regional District of Wood Buffalo, Town of Sylvan Lake, Calgary Winter Club, Town of Strathmore, Town of Fox Creek, Recreation Excellence, Strathcona County, and Calgary Outdoor Pool Association. If multiple board members are representing the same organization, that organization will only be invoiced once. Sub Committee members are not required to contribute financial support. 

With a very positive future for AAAP, you as an individual will benefit from participation with the organization.  AAAP is well-connected in Alberta, has professional connections nationally, and naturally is one of the first groups to recognize trends, challenges and opportunities within aquatics.  Your work with AAAP is guaranteed to be both personally rewarding and beneficial to your current and future work in the industry. 

AAAP needs to be responsible to the industry it serves.  In order to best service the aquatic industry and its professionals, members of AAAP’s foundational group will be expected to: 

  • remain neutral and present impartial/unbiased information and opinions to the industry  

  • rely on facts, research, and industry inputs to support opinions and decisions  

  • demonstrate a future-focused, forward-thinking attitude  

  • value continuous improvement of the industry  

  • build and foster trust, honesty and respect for AAAP within the industry 

  • advocate for a collaborative effort to improve the industry  

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